Clay Island a surf tale

“A dream concept – get hold of a micro-light seaplane and go searching for empty surf. But the film doesn’t quite do the idea justice. It’s very much a one-man show, a kind of personal project of the director that can be pleasing to the eye, funny and at one point tragic – watch in horror as a session gets cut short before it even starts as a brand new Rusty single-fin meets an out-of-control Fort Point shoulder-hopper.

If you can glide over the stuff that doesn’t work, there’s plenty that does and it makes for an easy, light piece of solo film work. As you’d hope, there’s stunning aerial footage of the coast of Northern California and, when the director pulls out to a far-off tropical island sans micro-light, there’s footage of one of the best looking waves I’ve ever seen anywhere, period. I don’t know where it is, but I want that righthander.” –The Surfer’s Path