Kung Fu San Soo Master Andre Salvage Interview with David Kukkola

Heal, empower, reclaim self esteem, worth, love, confidence and more through martial arts practice. David Kukkola and special guest Kung Fu San Soo Master Andre Salvage discuss the ancient wisdom and practices which have been shared from master to student for thousands of years.

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2 thoughts on “Kung Fu San Soo Master Andre Salvage Interview with David Kukkola”

  1. This Interview with Master Andre Salvage was inspiring and informative as well as important in many ways .. The concept of “what constitutes spiritual awareness and practice” ; how conscious living and how being lead by your intuition can help raise your self esteem self worth and sense of safety ..in general how empowering it is … and how we as a whole learn from a very early age to lose such power from fear of punishment for speaking our truth .. POWERFUL . I loved how you challenged Parents and (teachers) to rethink the way we communicate with our youth and with each other so that we all can live from our true nature .. Thank you Master Andre Salvage for bringing us such a worthy message .. and thank you David for your most sensitive and active listening style of interviewing . I enjoyed it and learned so much to think about in becoming more spiritually conscious in my every day thoughts and actions OM Shanti Joy

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